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When is National Girlfriends Day in 2024?

National Girlfriends Day in 2024 is on the Thursday, 1st of Aug (8/01/2024).

National Girlfriends Day is on the 214nd day of 2024. There are 152 days left in the year.

National Girlfriends Day Facts

  • Date: Aug 01, 2024
  • Fun
  • Also Called: Girlfriends Day
  • Celebrations: Shopping, Partying, Traveling, Adventure
National Girlfriends Day iImage Credit: PixaBay.com

August 1st is not just the beginning of a new month, but it’s also National Girlfriends Day. Girlfriends make life better, sweeter and complete. It is a day for every guy to celebrate that special girl in his life. It is also a day for women to appreciate their female friends and let them know how special they are. Although National Girlfriends Day celebrates girlfriends, people should not confuse it with the popular love day, Valentine’s Day.

History of National Girlfriends Day

The term girlfriend is believed to have come into existence in 1859. The word replaced the term she-friend which was a way of describing a woman‘s female friend in youth. In the early 20th century, however, the word started being used to describe a female romantic partner.

National Girlfriends Day came to existence in 2006 through sisterwoman.com. Two women namely Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers are credited for founding the platform although the site no longer exists today. The primary goal of establishing the site was to create a social networking platform where women could interact, discuss parenting and other topics, but most importantly become girlfriends.

How to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

While every day should be a time to appreciate the girlfriends in our lives, National Girlfriends Day is a day to do something extra special to the girls who mean a lot in our lives.

As a gentleman, this is the best day to show your partner how much you love her. Surprise her with a special gift or romantic dinner. You can as well join her in her favorite hobby. Go out and watch that movie you have been eyeing. It will definitely help reminisce memories. If you have been considering proposing to her, Girlfriend’s Day is the best day to get pop the question.

Through your actions, let her know how much you appreciate her contribution to your life. Let her enjoy this day as a woman of leisure. Give her the television controller and let her take charge on this special day. Give her a back massage and shower your beautiful lady with a love card, flowers, and other girly gifts.

Whatever, you decide to do for her, let it be extraordinary. Girlfriends have a long memory, and they will undoubtedly recall it for a long time.

As a lady, have a spa night or a luxury slumber party with your girl squad. Use the time to discuss life goals, business, and love life. An outing with the girls can also do you good. Treat yourself to some pedicure, manicure and a glass of wine as you relax.

Find common grounds with your girlfriends and do something that makes all of you happy. Like going out shopping, joining a book club to discuss the latest romance novel, going for a beach holiday and enjoying a glass of wine under the stars. Indeed, choices are endless when it comes to having fun with girlfriends.

If you cannot manage to be with your girlfriends, send them a greeting card to know that you are always thinking of them. Better still, wish them a happy girlfriends day via social media using the hashtag #NationalGirlfriendsDay

Why Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends are with us through our best and worst times. No matter how life pounds us, these girls are always there to offer us unconditional love and celebrate our strengths and weaknesses. Besides, when we need someone to keep us company as we indulge in a sweet dessert, they are always available. When we are going through a tough breakup, they are the buddies we call to eat ice cream together and bury all the pain.

Most importantly, girlfriends know how to party right. They know us better than anyone else. They know our favorite drinks. They are definitely the people we count on when we need to have a good time.

National Girlfriends Day Observances


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